All about Sharyn

Everything started in Philadelphia in 2002 when I hosted my own TV show 'Bringing Fitness to You'. In addition, I was a regular fitness segment contributor working LIVE on shows such as 'Good Day Philadelphia' and 'Money Matters' as well as doing 6 or 7 fitness videos.

Starting in 2007, I produced 10 Art & Craft instructional videos. This is where I really learned the business; script writing, set design, shot list, continuity, teleprompter and (of course) on-air talent. My first occupation out of high school was Cosmetology so I do my own Nails, Hair and Make-Up.

In 2017 my husband Larry and I moved to Florida and I've been a full-time actress and model ever since, appearing in movies, commercials, TV shows, print ads, name it.

In 2019, after years of being unable to find appropriate material, I wrote:

'50 Monologues, Dialogues and Scenes for Grown-Ass Women'.

This book is a conglomeration of all of my favorite big, over-the-top characters, completely influenced by Tracy Ullman,  Carol Burnett and Joan Rivers. Check out my Photos page for some of my classic examples.

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